about me

I create projects as a full stack developer. I'm interested in the creation of SaaS products. I'm currently busy on various solo tech projects (that I will soon be able to talk a little bit more about) and developing cross-platform web apps for third parties.

There are some websites and e-commerces I help manage, I also take part in some in coding competitions.

Years active: 2013 - present as a full stack web developer

Main coding locations: Livorno, Italy - Rome, Italy


This website will soon become the base of an incubator for a collection of a certain class of software.

Nothing will be done for profit, nothing will be done for success, I will work toward better web experiences, better software on everyone's computer.

Both little and big projects will be displayed, but only if they have a consistent reason to be developed.


  • Details are a priority.
  • Only really useful and needed software
  • No account system if not strictly necessary
  • Everything must be free for education
  • No social media integration